08 March 2011

Birthday Wishes

My family always claims that I'm hard to shop for. And I suppose I am. I don't tend to like all of everything just one particular piece. It drives everyone crazy in a, "But you have mid-century chairs so I bought you a mid-century stand and you hate it?" kind of way. You could call me picky, but I prefer to say my look for fashion and home is eclectic. I'm not particualry tied to any era and love to mix and match which is why you will frequently see 1940s mingling with 1970s or Victorian with contemporary in my outfit posts.

So here it is, the current guide to buying me a birthday gift:


1920s embroidered blouse at Adore Vintage
1920s dress at Adore Vintage
1920s cotton wrapper at Souvenir Souvenir

Vintage Jewelry

1940s locket (love it worn as a bracelet) from Jean Jean Vintage
Vintage lacework earrings (screw back since I don't have my ears pierced) from pinguim
1920s drop earrings from Noveau Motley
Vintage trench art ring from SS Alice and Gypsy Wagon

Modern Jewelry

Girl with antlers necklace by Markhed Design
Bird cuff bracelet by Unique Art Pendants
Lock and key necklace by Ginger Hollow
Teacup and ribbon bracelet by Stay Gold Mary


The Church of Vintage said...

See my family learned a long time ago just to give me money and it's been happy birthdays ever since;)

Hope your family is taking notes from your post!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Is it your birthday this month, too? Mine is--happy birthday! As my gift to you, I promise not to steal any of your lovely gift ideas, though they are tempting. :)

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

My mom does give me money but then she freaks out that it's not a real gift (Hi mom!) and my husband used to take me on mini trips for my bday until we moved back to NY and it's usually snowy then so he's back to gift giving. I asked my husband if he read my blog post and he said no, I hope he's just playing clueless.

And Karen, I didn't know your birthday was this month! Mine is actually next month, tax day. And my wish list was way too good not to share even though I know someone else may swoop in!