22 September 2008

Oh I kill myself

I'm all alone in my apartment laughing hysterically. The cats are giving me that pointed, ears back look. None to fear kitties. I will recover. But everyone has to go try out Yearbook Yourself. It lets you take a photo of yourself and meld it with old year book photos. Since I've been at this for awhile now, you get to see the full collection of my favorites. Sorry that they're not super perfectly aligned and that I'm a bit squinty eyed. It's the only photo that I have without much hair in my face.

I graduated in 2000, and I'm not sure we had hair like this. Although actually I do now recall my bangs having a bit more curl to them then was strictly necessary.

I think I made my face too big here, but in any case this is the year I started high school. I remember pretty much nothing from that era. I'm certain, though, that a lot of girls looked like this even though it's a year too late for My So Called Life stylishness.

I was two that year. I thankfully missed the amount of effort that would have gone into creating this.

I kind of like this look on me. It's like Heidi met Shirley Temple met girl just dying to embrace her hippie brethren.


I swear I had this haircut at some point, except it was 1999, not 1972.

One of my aunt's totally had this haircut. Come to think of it, the year probably was 1968.

As someone with extremely thick hair, I sometimes wish we still lived in a time when thick hair was necessary to becoming the cool chick.

Well, I guess I now know what hair cut would make me look overly masculine....or maybe it's this woman's stronger jawline....either way...


cconz said...

i think i like the last face the best. YAAAABABY!!That's a great way to see how one would look with a different hair cut.

Aimée said...

Not only how I'd look with different hair, but as a man apparently as well. Clearly my face doesn't work with a squared jaw. :)

Danielle said...

ha ha...these are great!! I'm going to give it a shot myself. You always find the most interesting websites. I'm just sorry I didn't find this one sooner!

Aimée said...

I used Jar's photo this weekend. He seemed annoyed by the whole process and kept saying those looked nothing like him. I had to keep reminding him that mine didn't either!