26 September 2008

A Find From Every Era Friday

Since I've been traveling, I haven't been able to do Friday finds since the first time. The last few weeks the news has been dominated by the economic crisis which makes shopping a bit nerve racking. How can we spend money on clothes when everything is so out of control? Luckily I've been perusing the internet looking for some great stuff at great prices so we can continue shopping but with an eye toward a bargain. So here are my current picks. I hope you like them!


This is an early 1900s corset cover with a 36" bust and 26" waist. I know what you may be thinking, what do I need a corset cover for? Who wears corsets these days? But picture it as more like a camisole and picture it with a pencil skirt in plaid for example. Picture a cozy and bright cardigan on the top cinched (or not depending on your style) with a patterned skinny belt. What I love about this top is the exquisite detailing. It's not like you're going to find something like this at your local Wal-Mart, yet it's at a Wal-Mart comparable price with ebay seller peggysvintage for a current bid of just $9.99.


This purse fascinates me. I saw one recently at an antique store, but it was a bit out of my price range. Basically it looks impossible at first. You wonder how you would get anything in there. But as soon as you pop the top open, the bag expands. I've heard this is called a tango purse which makes sense since you could secure this to your wrist and keep dancing. Though dance moves have changed, the need to find something to do with your purse while dancing hasn't which makes this lovely buy awfully useful. This one is by Whiting and Davis and is available at ebay seller rosecrk for a starting of just $9.99.

If you like pattern, you'll love this floral print dress. The colors are vibrant and fresh and will make you long for spring all winter. Since the pattern is so bold, I'd put it with neutral toned accessories and shoes just so that you don't blind your friends. The description by Ballyhoo Vintage says this is a cocktail dress, but I'd be tempted to wear this anywhere special. This dress measures 40" at the bust and 36" at the waist and is for sale for $95.


Who could resist owning a dress in this beautiful blue? If I hadn't banned myself from ever buying wool (I get hives just thinking about it) none of you would stand a chance bidding on this dress on ebay. Maybe if I wore...no, no it's not my size...but....You can see how tempted I am. **sigh** I'll just have to live with telling you about it. This would be perfect for work. All your coworkers will sigh with envy too. It's available at Violetville Vintage and its measurements are 42-32-46. Its starting bid is $34.99.


As we all know by now (I hope), I have a great love of animal print. I also have a great love of flattering dresses. The picture above is the deadly combination of both. You think it's just a simple yet pretty dress until you work your way down to that peep of zebra print. Wow! Occasionally there's a cocktail or holiday party one has to attend for work and wouldn't it be lovely to be remembered as the girl who wore that amazing dress rather than the one who had too many martinis? I'd personally keep the shoes and any accessories to this dress black so that it's really that shot of zebra print that stands out. You can get this silk dress (measurements 36-26-36) over at Vintage Martini for $85.


The seller of this gorgeous top says the pattern looks like equal signs. Some might say it's a broken check. Whatever the case is, this pattern makes me happy. I love the way they paired this for a casual weekend look, but it would look equally (haha!) pretty as a work top. During a tipsy economy we all need multi-functional pieces in our wardrobes. I'd pair this with some bright accessories, I naturally head toward red, but a kelly green or electric blue would really make this outfit pop. This versatile top (bust measurement of 38") is at etsy seller Tialey Vintage for just $28.


I can't get over how much I love this top. This is how a piece of clothing reminds us that an era had some pretty wonderful ideas. I can't think of a place I wouldn't wear this accordion pleated blouse. It could go to work or out casually or even on a whirl around some nighttime hot spots. With jeans or a skirt or even over the top of the right dress. It's as versatile as a cardigan but much sexier. I think it would look best with a very simple cami or tank so that the emphasis is on the lines of this top. Pairing it with a longer bold necklace like the one featured in the picture calls attention to the neckline. This top with a 40" bust and 31.5" waist can be found at etsy seller Planetclairevintage for $32.

The Urban Collection says this polyester Joni Blair top would be great with a pencil skirt or with skinny jeans as they've done here. I happen to agree and think pairing it with a skirt could easily take this shirt to the workplace. It's great in that it's sexy but not overtly so, and for ladies who want to call attention to their waists this would be extremely flattering. Really someone should be wearing this beauty. It's got a 35" bust and costs a very wallet friendly $22.

I know I said previously that I wasn't ready to consider the 1990s as vintage. Perhaps it's because I'm not fully comfortable with the era I grew up in being termed vintage. Nonetheless, this cute B.B. Club cotton blazer top forced me to include it on this week's list. It recalls 1940s and 1950s fashion, but its asymmetrical hem updates it. Not to mention the gorgeous colors in the fabric. I'd button this up on an early fall day to have lunch with my mom or wear it to work with a nice fitted pant and some yummy raspberry colored heels. This top has a 34/36" bust and is for sale at VintageTrends.com for $45.


Q's Daydream said...

Love, love the corset!! :o)

Aimée said...

Isn't it just so amazingly pretty? I wonder how turn of the century women would feel about me proposing to wear their undergarments as our outergarments.