23 September 2008

Imagined Travel

My one is traveling through Vermont as we speak taking in the mountains and trees. I'm jealous. I wish I could be in the car with him stopping off at an orchard for some sugar coated donuts and a cup of hot apple cider. I also wish I was wearing this outfit as well....

Outfit consists of:

1970s acrylic pullover with a 36 inch bust. Available at VintageTrends.com for $48.

Wood ring created by Simply Wood Rings, average cost of $160-395.

1970s Jane Shilton leather bag. Available at Posh Vintage for $145.

Dark rinse skinny jeans. Available at Charlotte Russe for $29.99.

Ivory lace trimmed cami. Available at Forever 21 for $8.80.

Brown leather boots with knit cuff by Missoni. Available at Bluefly for $475.


Transletics said...

So cute--and so fall-tastic. Will you make me one for the fair?

Aimée said...

ohhh, do you mean make you a polyvore outfit? And if so I need some details such as where is this fair held and at what time of year?