30 September 2008

Art Explorer: Philip Curtis

In moving from a small rural community to a huge metropolitan city like Phoenix, I expected to be overwhelmed with museum and cultural options. That didn't really happen. The metro Phoenix area is still young in some ways, still finding its feet and deciding what sort of identity it wants to adopt. Given that, the museum options are sometimes lacking. The Phoenix Museum of Art has all sorts of interesting pieces that I adore, but it takes no time at all to make it through the exhibits. The are two things that really keep me going back to the museum: their fashion exhibits (closed this last time) and their Philip Curtis room. Curtis was an American surrealist artist who founded the Phoenix Art Center, what is today the museum. He worked on his art out of a studio in Scottsdale until his death in 2000. His work is simply gorgeous and often depicts American sideshow circuses and barren desert landscapes.

I could spend all day in that room at the Art Museum so I wanted to create a look based on a painting by Curtis. The title of the piece that inspired this look is "Parasols by the Shore."

Outfit consists of:

Chocolate and cream Italian style umbrella. Available at Umbrella Heaven for 18.99 pounds.

1980s 14k gold leaf and frond engraved bracelet. Available at The Marlene Harris Collection for $250.

Brown wool felt floppy hat. Available at Forever 21 for $13.80.

1980s brown wool Escada skirt with a 29" waist. Available at vintagetrends.com for $75.

White cotton blouse from Marc by Marc Jacobs 2007 collection.

1880s coral cameo mounted on 10k gold. Available at The Marlene Harris Collection for $375.

Linen colored leather Jennica pump by RSVP. Available at zappos.com for $65.

Aqua blue leatherette oversized bag. Available at fashion junkee for $58.


Q's Daydream said...

Love this look! :o)

Savvy Mode SG said...

cute cute blue bag. looks like the balenciaga.