28 August 2008


In a time when the Internet is glutted by blogs, it seems a bit overdone to have one, let alone two blogs like myself. In a way, blogging is a moment of fame, such as it is. We create a public persona that we present to the world in the hopes of some unnameable something. If my blogs had identities, The Refutation Process is the part of me that wants friends to know what I'm up to while occasionally weighing in on literature, film, music, and my noisy neighbors. Vint Condition is an entirely different blog. It's less personal and more practical. It's the side of me that loves vintage clothing and finding stellar deals, the side that will spend hours scouring ebay to unearth a ruffled hem leather jacket from the 80s, or a black mourning skirt from the turn of the century that would look great with layered tanks and some chunky jewelry.

So why have this blog at all? Why not just proudly display my love of vintage at arts events and date nights? Because I believe there are other women (and men) like myself out there. Ones on the hunt for something wonderful and unique. And there's others out there who want to use vintage but are worried about looking "too vintage." We've all seen vintage gone wrong. It's vintage that is overwrought, a head-to-toe look that seems dated or clownish. Let's face it, it may be fun to be rockabilly chic on the weekend, but often that look doesn't transfer to the office. Vintage can work anywhere from a corporate board room to the beach. It can inspire jealousy in your coworkers and friends as they realize that they can't get that great top you're wearing anywhere else. It can cause people to stop you on the street to let you know they love what you're wearing. Trust me this does happen.

The advantages of vintage are endless. We've all experienced that moment at the store when we realize that the figure flattering empire tops we've loved aren't being carried at the moment, or that every pair of jeans has been replaced by skinny jeans that only look good on models and fourteen year olds. Shopping vintage allows you access to years of clothes to find the styles that suit you best. It also lets you ride the wave of the latest in fashions without breaking the bank account or buying cheap clothing. This year, maxi dresses are in. They were also in during the 1970s. You can score one at a reasonable price just by shopping vintage. And if we're going to mention quality, I've got to tell you, when I buy a vintage piece that's managed to stand up to 40 or 50 years of use, I'm pretty certain that it can last awhile with me. The construction and fabrics used are certainly better than a lot of what I purchase at the store now. And if you're environmentally conscious, what could be more fun than recycling cute clothes? Really, I can't think of one.

Vint Condition is about coveting, acquiring, and integrating beautiful clothes into your closet, and hopefully mine as well along the way.

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