30 August 2008

Imagined Travel

If I were going to Greece ( a girl's gotta dream), I'd wear this:

The dress is vintage and is available at Posh Girl Vintage for $365. It's one of those dresses that would force me to lose 2 inches from my waist, but I can dream about that too.

I'd also have to pierce my ears. It's something I consider only when I see a cute pair of earrings. For now I'll stick with nabbing the non-vintage swallow mirror case.


the unreliable narrator said...

Aaaaaaa slain by dress-love! WHY did you have to go and start this blog?! It's like etsy only targeted directly for my SOUL.

Aimée said...

I'm just cruel like that. If I have to be tortured by vintage I can't have why not share it with some people who might? I do so love love love this dress though. Oh to feel glamorous.