31 August 2008

Fall Fashion Colors Shopping Guide

MSN tells me that this years fall fashion colors are black and white, purple, gray, chocolate, and gold. While I'm not sure who exactly the authority on fashion and color is over at MSN, I'm game. I love all of these colors probably because I look good in them. So in an effort to stock up for the fall, here's some goodies I found for you out on the internets:

Black and White
Zebra stripe linen shift by Elizabeth Arden at Vintage Martini for $128.

Black and White 1970s cotton/poly blend Mexican skirt at Debutante Vintage for $40.

Purple polyester 1980s shirt dress by Rona at Alley Cats Vintage for $22.

Purple 1930s silk crepe evening dress at Contentment Farm for $495.


Dove gray 1970s acrylic sweater at The Urban Collection for $47.

Gray 1940s pumps by Natural Poise from etsy seller LivingDollVintage for $24.

Brown silk/cotton dress from Cemetarian on ebay starting bid of $39.99.

Brown 1970s Amano slingback heels at sabrosavintage on etsy for $16.


Gold chain belt at Penelope's Vintage for $20.

Gold lame 1950s dress from ebay seller The Tartan Princess, starting bid $19.99.

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