28 August 2008

Project Runway Style

Last night's Project Runway featured a rather extreme challenge for the designers. We've already seen past contestants construct garments out of trash or candy, but this week they worked to make innovative designs from Saturn car parts. The materials they were given included seat belts, rubber floor mats, side view mirrors, and carburetors. These are not exactly ideal materials to work with, yet in Tim Gunn's words they "made it work." Well, at least some of them did. While it seems unlikely that any of us will be donning a rubberized dress with extra hip padding proclaiming that we found a new way to interact with our cars, this design challenge does speak to the long-standing attachment Americans have with their vehicles. Sure this love affair has cooled in recent years, fueled in part by auto companies being unable to offer us distinctive and beautiful conveyances, but it is to this interaction between vehicles and fashion that I dedicate today's blog.

Beautiful women featured in car ads have become rather cliched and irritating as they are designed apparently to appeal to the stereotype of every straight guy's basic impulse for women and cars. I won't even begin to get into how much of a stereotype this is, but instead turn your attention to the Cadillac ad above. It's commendable that Cadillac is at least advertising to women and as much as I want to hate the fact that they're specifically advertising a pink car, I kind of would love to own it myself. In any case look at the ladies in this picture, so elegant and pulled together for their meet-up. They looked good just hopping into the car. This elegance isn't seen often today as a growing number of people schlep to the store or to meet friends in the pajamas they wore to bed. So how can you snag this look for today? Please see below and excuse Polyvore's overzealousness with the white tones.

Outfit consists of:
1960s day dress, no tag, on ebay (vintage-basement), current bid $9.99
Silk blend trench, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, net-a-porter.com, $903
Kacy red pumps, rsvp - Kacy, zappos.com, $72
Brass ring, Alexis Bittar faceted ring, Nordstrom, $74
Beetle, Volkswagen, MSRP $17,630-$25,890
Or what about an opposite extreme? Remember that film Tank Girl from 1995? Probably not, it was so awful most is best forgotten. It features a post-apocalyptic world where a girl and her tank are trying to defeat the bad guys. While not a car, the tank serves as a means of transport and protection. Here's our inspiration photo, and yes I know what you're thinking, I'm already thinking it too, but trust me, we'll "make it work":

Outfit consists of:
1970s safari style shorts, no tag, on ebay (sally-janevintage), current bid $9.99
Sateen vest, Rampage, $19.99
Tank top, Abercrombie and Fitch, $29.50
Savory Spice Belt, Anthropologie, $58.00
Prada leather tote, Bag Borrow or Steal, rent for $125 a week
Eullia heels, Guess, currently out of stock
Hammered Cuff, Max&Chloe, $46
military tank not required


Meghan said...

I worry about the vest overpowering the belt at the natural waist. That being said, I love that you've found a good home for a great pair of gladiators :)

Meghan said...

Also, I LOVE that beaded sweater.