14 June 2012

A Hint of Vint: 4th of July version

The other day I met someone who, upon learning I sold vintage clothing, insisted that she was not "cool enough" to wear vintage. I think there's a block for a lot of people when they consider vintage clothes. While I love the ladies who dress completely in period vintage every day, I think that's the style that most think of when hearing the word "vintage" which can seem daunting and even distant from their own styling choices.

I've long loved vintage clothing, but my personal style is one that integrates pieces of vintage with modern clothing. It's not as hard as some may think and certainly not as hard as dressing up completely in vintage. Consider that so many styles that we're wearing are already vintage-inspired (see the latest Anthropologie line of fit and flare dresses) and it makes more sense.

In any case, that brief conversation has me resurrecting my occasional outfit idea posts.  This one is for the upcoming 4th of July. I'd wear either of these, but I'm guessing I'll be doing little celebrating this year and more spending time with the new baby (please please let her be here by then!).

Celebrating Independence Day II

Celebrating Independence Day

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