16 June 2012

Weekend Snippets

All of my admires this week have something in common, they include the color yellow. I love the brightness, the pop that yellow gives an outfit, but unfortunately it's not a friendly color on me. I think it could be because my skin has yellow undertones that competes with the use of it in an outfit. That's why many of the recent yellow additions to the shop are actually mine, I finally gave in and confessed it wasn't working. Check out all the yellows here.

But really, these three women below make yellow work in a way that I can't, and prove the versatility of the color!

Ashlee runs Ash Tree Vintage and also writes at the Ash Tree Vintage blog. I love the addition of yellow with the very graphic black and white shirt and the vintage basket purse is perfection.

Ashely runs the lovely Fancy Fine shop and blog.  I'm incredibly jealous of this entire outfit particularly since, if I'm correct, this is a Marguerite Rubel coat. While yellow wouldn't look good on me, I recently sold one that was green that would have! What was I thinking? I love how sweetly simple this whole outfit is, and how it reminds me of Pushing Daisies.

 Daria of Kittenhood just about kills me in this outfit! I never would have thought to pair this dress and those tights together, but how much more perfect could they be!I also love the eclectic accessories. Leopard print belt: check. Adorable brown shoes: check. White clutch: check. **sigh**

Find out how to make flavored Arnold Palmers over at A Beautiful Mess. It's my husband's favorite summertime/anytime drink so I'm sure I'll be trying some soon.

Catch up on your Rudolph Valentino lore and learn about his conflicts with his enemies.