14 August 2011

Take 2



So yesterday Alex of Vintage by Alex Keller weighed in on our new backdrop and confirmed my earlier suspicions: too shiny, too much pattern.  Not one to let grass grow beneath my feet, I began my mission right after getting out of bed this morning.

I decided, finally, to get rid of my white wall. I was thinking a nice neutral tan would be great. Most sellers opt for gray because it's such a chill background color and I was thinking I could differentiate myself by choosing another nice neutral. Um wrong.  You see here in our house we have a problem.  We call it the gray paint problem, but if you catch me on the right day I'll say the problem is my husband.  You see, he's nixed all colors in the warmer end of the spectrum.  No reds, oranges, yellows. Which leaves us with all the cool colors, of which there is a range, but we both prefer the ones with a heavy amount of gray undertones. The living room: a green gray.  The kitchen: a gray brown.  The bedroom: a gray green.  My husband's office: a gray blue.  In fact, the only rooms that we've painted and painted a different color include our entryway which is a deep purple blue and my office which is a darker tan.

So this morning I set out to find our paints. My first thought was to use our kitchen color, but I couldn't find it.  My second thought was to use my office color, but I couldn't find it.  My third thought was to use one of the Benjamin Moore quarts that we had, surely there must be some other color in there! Nope. They were all shades of gray.  I tested the paints that I did have and finally decided to go with the one in my husband's office Uncertain Gray by Sherwin Williams.  On the south side of the house, this color reads much more blue gray, but on the north side of the house where my work space it reads more of a steady gray.

There you have it, my new background. It won't stay this way for ever. I'm rearranging some space in the house and I'll be giving up this space, but for the foreseeable future the Vint Condition photos will be on an Uncertain Gray background.


alexkeller said...

if we were neighbors you could have borrowed some paint ... i have a giant bucket of beige.tan paint in the garage called 'baked potato!"
yours looks great, btw. i need to take my own advice & vary my surfaces in my photos. need to find some darker wood for white objects, don't you think?
love the gray!

Vintage Seen said...

oh I like your new colour! I too am about to embark on a shade for the photos...thinking might need to be gray too...great job dear and pretty great blue dress too!