13 August 2011

New Family Member

Meet the latest member of the Vint Condition family, Eileen.  Eileen was found today at an auction, and after a pretty fierce bidding war in which I spent more than I anticipated, Eileen came home with me.  I think she actually would have gone for more, but she had a hideous rubbery head plopped on the top.  We got quite a few strange looks as we carried her to the car.

Eileen is a J. R. Bauman dress form. I've wanted one of these for awhile, and not just because Bauman and Bauman/Wolf dress forms are all the rage amongst etsy sellers. I wanted to use a vintage dress form since it fits with the whole concept of selling vintage clothes.  On a practical level. I also wanted to have a dress form that isn't white.  While Peggy (our other dress form) is a breeze to work with, Victorian whites and light colored clothing doesn't show up well against her.

 Speaking of things showing up, we're entertaining opinions about our new backdrop. I made a wallpaper backdrop out of, well, wallpaper and a window shade.  It's not perfect and if I had to do it again I wouldn't pick wallpaper with quite so much shine.  I'm on the fence about it thus far, but it does have the advantage of creating contrast.  What do you think?


alexkeller said...

welcome Eileen!!!!
you have great color and love that you took your head off :)
i like the color of the backdrop, and i agree with you about less shine. but i'm not certain of pattern. this shop went from a patterned background to plain & i think it shows off the clothing better.

alexkeller said...

although a slightly darker background would show off the light clothing better, just like Eileen.

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Thanks! I think I knew I wanted to change it again but needed some encouragement. ;)