09 February 2011

Strange Parts

The river finally iced over, and now a heavy blanket of snow covers it.  Below the dam, the water is still running and sometimes in the morning we can see tracks leading down to the water, small prints tracing through the snow. In the spring I hope to see the family of muskrats again, burrowing in the muddy bank across the way. For now, though, we wait to catch a glimpse of the mysterious evening adventurer who clamors down the ice banks.

This winter is a thing unto itself and even without the pain of mourning, I feel unsettled and raw.  Everything seems difficult and trying.  I don't want this to become a blog of mourning, nor do I feel like the world needs to see my outfits every day, but chronicling it is serving a purpose. I get up, I get dressed and really that is all I'm asking of myself. Well that's not true, I'm asking a lot more of myself, but that's the minimum standard.

Like the winter, this blog is becoming it's own being.  When I was little, I proclaimed to my parents that I was part vampire, part lollipop, part Aimee. A strange amalgamation of things to be certain, but that's sort of what this blog is as well. Parts of all those things. This space will probably continue to be a collection of infinite sadness, thoughts on writing, pretty clothes, store news, and occasional cat pictures and I think I'm alright with that.

Outfit consists of:
Sweater: gray cardigan by frenchi found at Last Chance
Headband: gray knit headband found at Last Chance
Tank Top: Gap tank found at Gap Outlet
Ring: mid-century US Army ring a gift from my Dad
Belt: black silk blend belt borrowed from a shirt
Skirt: 1950s novelty print full skirt { coming to the shop soon }
Tights: gray sweater tights found at TJ Maxx
Shoes: black peep toes by apepazza found at Last Chance


Amber said...

Wow! the water under the bridge is awesome. And so is your ring!

Meghan Brinson said...

Love! That ring and your skirt, which is a great thing to see in winter...a nice happy red. You make me want to get up and get dressed!

Huzzah! Vintage said...

I once lived in a place where the river *almost* froze over a few times, and that I thought was exceptionally, unbearably cold.

You have my sympathies.

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

I think I'll have to get the ring fit for my hand, right now I'm wrapping it in embroidery thread like a high school girl with her boyfriend's class ring.

And the river, well I much prefer when it's running, or even better sluggishly passing by during the summer.