16 February 2011

The Color Wheel

I'm not one for neutrals in general, but I find my closet has been overwhelmed by shades of gray, black, and brown. Spring is almost here and it's time for a bit more color in our lives.  Behold, the Vint Condition color wheel:

Yellow: 1960s yellow silk cocktail dress, extra small
Yellow-Green: 1950s Fashionbilt green plaid coat, large
Green: 1980s Easton Park cotton blend dress, large
Blue-Green: 1950s blue-green brocade dress, medium/large
Blue: 1980s Nipon Boutique designer dress, medium
Blue-Violet: 1980s Flora Kung designer dress, large
Violet: 1970s violet and gold brocade dress, medium
Red-Violet: 1950s feathered hat
Red: 1940s red and green woven skirt, medium
Red-Orange: 1940s R&K Original reptile print dress, small
Orange: 1960s orange and gold brocade skirt { sold }
Yellow-Orange: 1960s floral print carpet purse {coming soon}

15% off any of these items in the color wheel until Saturday at midnight. To get the refund, mention this blog post in your message to the seller.  Refunds will be given through Paypal.