18 February 2011

Power Play

There's usually time while instructing that a rowdy class could devolve from an energetic yet slightly obnoxious classroom into something more, well, woolly. I'm trying to avoid such a crisis in my class right now. It's time to refocus and recalibrate and head in the right direction.  I wanted to be a bit more pulled together and professional for today and dreamed this one up in my head while I couldn't sleep last night. Now if only I had managed not to tuck my skirt into my tights things would have gone a bit better.

There's very minimal usage of vintage in this, but I would argue that as a whole the outfit has a vintage feel. I love hints of black and my home decor also has tons of black points spread throughout. I originally had thicker tights on, but wanted more of a semi-sheer look rather than a heavier one.  I really wanted my black patterned tights but I couldn't find them this morning. Despite the skirt fiasco, I think things went rather well.

Outfit consists of:
Blazer: gray blazer by Express found at TJ Maxx
Pin: 1950s circle pin from my great-grandmother { similar here at moxie deluxe }
Top: white cotton tank found at Goodwill
Belt: black tie belt borrowed from a shirt
Skirt: coral Land's End skirt found at Goodwill
Tights: black tights found at TJ Maxx
Boots: black Nine West boots found at TJ Maxx


Alina A. said...

love the skirt and shoes. Pretty look.xx


Adelaide's Homesewn said...

i'm starting to think that tj maxx is an awesome place to get shoes. sometimes i just forget about it, but i need to go there.

Anonymous said...

love your skirt!you look so chic!