04 January 2010

That Sookie Stackhouse dress

Sookie, through the vision of Audrey Fisher, is one of the most stylish ladies on TV. I've already blogged here about my quest for the red and white vintage inspired dress in the above photo and here about how getting any copies of Sookie's clothes is near impossible since most are original.

Given these realities, what were left with is getting the aura of Sookie's style without being able to replicate it exactly. I know, collective sighing and groaning out there in the interwebs. But really Sookie's style is so vintage-inspired and is so easy to integrate into your wardrobe.

So here's the best of what I can currently find for takes on Sookie's beautiful red and white halter dress:

Sookie: The Lead Contender:

What you get: the ruched bodice, the seaming under the bodice, the sweet and romantic look, the floral pattern, the nipped in waist, the sweetheart neckline, vintage

What's different: the color pallet relies on pink rather than white, the floral pattern is larger, it's not fully a halter, it comes with rhinestone straps

Available at etsy store Fab Gab's vintage
for $138

Sookie does Hawaii version:

What you get: happy floral print, romantic look, halter top (not shown in this picture), nipped in waist, vintage

What's different: no white, bolder print, no sweetheart neckline, fuller skirt, no ruched bodice

Available at ebay seller Forever Lovely Vintage for a buy now price of $125 or best offer

Sookie: bridesmaid by day, Bill's girlfriend by night version


What you get: feminine look, flattering bodice, less full skirt, sweetheart neckline

What's different: fabric, empire waist, lack of floral print or pattern, not vintage

Available at J. Crew
for $215.

Sookie on a budget friendly version:

What you get: red and white floral print, waist accentuating, flattering cut, summer inspired

What's different: more red than white, heavy red border, lack of halter or even strapless cut

Available at Chadwick's for $19.99.


Anonymous said...
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Wallawallawhale said...

Thanks for posting this!
I came across your blog after looking for a dress that sookie wore in Faery. You wouldn't by chance have found a knock off would you?