02 January 2010

Vintage Lite

If I were to describe my vintage aesthetic, I'd go with vintage lite. While I appreciate the beauty and skill it takes to fully embrace a full vintage or vintage-inspired outfit, my personal ability and inclination lends itself to utilizing one or two vintage pieces in an outfit comprised more completely of modern pieces.

The intent of this blog has always been to embrace this aesthetic and encourage people who may be interested in vintage but are unsure of how to use that in their daily lives. Using vintage beyond style considerations is smart for a whole variety of reasons some of which are the quality of the clothing is in general better, the cost for a lot of it is cheaper, and it's a smart, environmentally friendly way to approach clothing. This isn't clothing to wear and toss, this is clothing to buy, maintain, and keep. By mixing it with modern pieces, you can have a staple to reinvent as time goes on.

In this year, I hope to explore more of this "vintage lite" look, take a peak at vintage items in household items, and examine some vintage dilemmas that I've always faced. For now, let's take a peak at a vintage lite look that I've thrown together and if my waist was small enough you'd never be seeing this skirt until it was mine, all mine.
New Job

Outfit consists of:
Sheer ivory chiffon shirt from Forever 21 for $17.80.
Slouchy faux suede boots from Michael Antonio available at Arden B. for $68.
1980s dark gray pencil skirt with a 25" waist available at Adore Vintage for $46.
Black square framed Thierry Lasry glasses available at Browns Fashion for 125 pounds.
Checkered wool blend tights by Marni available at net-a-porter for $84.
Draped front acrylic cardigan available at Forever 21 for $19.80.
Black embossed vinyl clutch available at Forever 21 for $15.80.

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