09 January 2012

Icons + Fashion

I heard that Ebony magazine started a tumblr with magazine covers and ads and it's true. They only have a few pages thus far, but hopefully they'll be adding more soon. These were my favorites from the ones they have up. Icons + fashion = amazing!

Aretha Franklin, December 1971
This dress is stunning and let's just say it wouldn't look half as good on me as it does on the ever amazing Aretha.

Lena Horne, April 1962
I'm trying not to wish that I could tackle Lena Horne and steal her earrings, and check out that blue eyeshadow!

January 1970
I have no idea who this is, but I'm guessing since there isn't an accompanying front page blurb she's a model? If anyone knows, tell me!

Diana Ross, February 1970
Wow, just wow! And as a side note, I wish I was handy at eyeliner.

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