17 January 2012

Color Inspiration: American Kestrel

Nature doesn't make mistakes when it comes to color, which is why when I saw this gorgeous American Kestrel photograph floating around on pinterest yesterday I marveled not only on the beauty of this bird, but the interplay of colors in its feathers. From the deep russet browns to the silvery gray atop its head to that intense mustard yellow of its feet and beak, this bird is a color inspiration.

Because I have plenty of mustard yellow items that I want to figure out in my wardrobe, it seemed fitting that this bird would be the first in my series on using nature for color inspiration.  There are plenty of websites that will create color palettes for you based on any picture you upload or link to and I encourage everyone to try it out when they're feeling stuck or just want to break down the colors in an image.  I was given two color palettes, the second of which I'm using here as a source for finding vintage and modern pieces to place together in an outfit.  I'm still getting a handle on what it is that I'm looking for, but I hope this is a solid first attempt.

Using this color palette shown above, I then found elements that coordinated with those colors.  This takes some getting used to, but it can be helpful when trying to think of what to pair with wardrobe elements you already have or when you are purchasing new items.

Outfit consists of:
1970s novelty print tunic found at Old Gold Vintage, $25
handknit mustard purse found at NzLBags, $95
brown ponte seamed leggings from Mossimo found at Target, $16
brown Banddit boots from Steve Madden found at shoemall, $170

And, if you want those American Kestrel colors in one garment, there's this wonderful dress 1960s found at Thrush, but it felt too much like cheating to use it since it was already so perfect:


Martha said...

Did you know the Kestrel aka the Sparrowhawk is my favorite bird?

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

The Sparrowhawk! I think I need to start advocating for the revival of that name.