07 October 2011

One Item a Day!

So in case my absence from the blog or the lack of new items in the shop hasn't clued you in, it seems this semester I'm having a balance issue with my work teaching and my work as a vintage shop owner. Much of September I did behind the scenes work organizing inventory and setting up the pop up shop, but that hasn't been a visible and tangible experience for most of my online customers. To change this, I challenged myself to list one item every weekday.  It's  a small but achievable goal, and one I feel like I can manage even when I'm staring down a stack of student essays.

This week has worked out well.  I hope you enjoy the latest items to make their way into the shop this week and look forward to more coming next week.

1. 1960s acetate jersey shift dress by Sacony
2. 1970s polyester dress, handmade
3. 1960s knit graphic print dress, no label
4. 1950s wool plaid dress, handmade

5. late 1950s/early 1960s graphic print acrylic sweater by Bobbie Brooks
6. 1950s black wicker purse made in Hong Kong
7. 1980s brown leather jacket by Berman's

Next week, shades of brown including vintage furs, a branch print dress, and a golden purse.

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