16 February 2010

So wrong it has to be good

I have this problem. I'm sure many of you share it. You see, I have an addiction to animal print, or as an old classmate called it "exotica."  It started in high school with a pair of zebra striped Rocket Dog shoes, and now I reguarly wear one of my several pairs of leopard print ballet flats to work. My husband doesn't share my animal print love, in fact he cringes when I mention it.  The first syllable doesn't even have to be fully out of my mouth before he's saying no.  Sometimes, I use his stereotypically guy fashion inability against him.  Our giraffe print rug that takes up a good portion of the living room? He think it's a pebbly stone print. 

So here, my fellow animal print lovers, induldge in some lovely goodness for a moment:

1960s double pocket zebra skirt, available at FebruaryMarch for $17.50

1950s giraffe print dress by California Girl, available at jumblelaya for $174.99.

1960s faux crocodile by Socialites available at Dear Golden for $24.

1950s leopard print waist coat available at Allen Company Inc for $198.


lauren said...

my love for leopard print just started this year, came out of nowhere!

Aimée said...

It certainly does grow on you after a bit! I've been sneaking in animal print all through the house. Next up, recovering a footstool in a closely printed zebra. Maybe the husband will think it's just a simple stripe.

Anonymous said...

i think it's starting to grow on me too. beautiful display!

Erika said...

I have a secret obsession with animal print, too. As for your rug, I am still not sure how you got that by, but I love it!

mjensen1 said...

i have an obsession with leopard print as well. Finally got some dresses with leopard print in my store!